Starting Your Own Online Business – Reasons Why You Need Business Coaching And Mentoring

If you are thinking of quitting your job and starting your own online business then you will need to consider getting some business coaching and mentoring.

Without the services of a business coach and mentoring you could find yourself getting stuck at one of the stages.

When you are part of a business coaching relationship, you can bounce ideas around with your mentor, and get help when you’re not sure what you next action should be.

Sometimes when things are not working out when we are building our online business we might think we need to have more knowledge and so go out and buy another course.

So, there you have reasons why it is better to invest in a business coach when you are starting your online business. I hope that you will take time to think about getting a business coach and not opt to go it alone.

Networking and Business Coaching – Take Your Business From Good to Great

“A single conversation across the table with a wise person is worth a month’s study of books.” – Chinese Proverb

Never underestimate what you can learn from someone. Pearls of wisdom are gifted from sometimes the most unusual or unexpected places. We could be talking about a life or business changing idea or simply one small thing that you could take on board that may make your life or your business easier.

When thinking about business ideas it would be easy to assume that these ‘great ideas’ must come from a business guru or someone who has well and truly made their mark on the business frontier. This is normally quite true, however don’t switch off when talking to someone who doesn’t fit that category. It could be the stay at home Mum of five or guy working at a fast food outlet that suddenly imparts something that will resonate with you. They may not even know they have done it!

Remember we have all travelled very different paths to get to where we are today and on that journey lessons have been learnt, disappointments overcome and successes celebrated. By sharing what we have all learnt in life we can short circuit and/or reinforce what is learned via the written word. Welcome to the world of Networking.

The practice of networking will have you surrounding yourself with positive, like minded people. Use every opportunity to brainstorm and throw ideas around. The simple act of talking through scenarios can help you formulate processes that will have you moving forward with your business and experiencing outstanding results. We must learn the art of working together. It’s the power of synergy, where the total sum is greater than the individual parts. Research networking groups in your area. The motivation you will feel from being part of a good networking group should not be ignored.

Business coaching is another method of moving your business to the next level. All top athletes employ a coach to help them gain that leading edge. With the coach on board, training programmes are made, analyzed, revised and revisited in the lead up to a competition. Performance and results from the day are broken down and worked through so at every step the coach and the athlete understand exactly where they are mentally and physically. Arthur Lydiard became a family name in New Zealand coaching some of our sports people to great achievement and to the pinnacle of their careers. Whilst they all had the ability would they have done so well without someone alongside them critiquing their style and performance and inspiring them when things got tough?

We need to treat our businesses the same way. Having a business coach from Your Business Coaching Club will help you be accountable for your performance in your business. Ask yourself this question… ‘Do you want to be good or do you want to great?’ Knowing you have a ‘wing man (or woman)’ to guide and advise you will give you an added confidence to step outside of your comfort zone for the good of your business. Remember the MAGIC happens outside of your comfort zone! So, if you are ready to make the magic happen talk to us and let us design a coaching package that suits you and your business.

Do You Need Business Coaching?

There is a saying that says no matter what you achieve, there is always someone out there who is better. A better house, a better job, a better partner, you name it. We live in a competitive world with everyone trying to outdo each other.

Sometimes, you need peoples help. Whether it is a personal trainer for fitness or a financial planner for your finances. Business is the same. You need someone who has been there before and can hold your hand so that your business reaches its full potential.

Most business owners are extremely busy. Managing staff, paying bills, answering the phone, talking to clients, going to meetings, the list is endless. There is always something to do. The problem with this is that you do not always get the chance to sit down and actually look at where your business is going.

Is it growing?

Is my marketing effective?

Can I implement more marketing strategies?

What is my market share?

What are my competitors doing?

Are my prices too cheap or expensive?

How do I expand?

Most of us get into a business not knowing everything and that is normal. However, a business coach will help you with all your problems and more importantly, keep you accountable. Having someone there each week watching over you makes a he difference. Otherwise, you end up procrastinating and make every excuse to put things off.

“I’m too busy; I will do some marketing next month. I’m too busy to call up clients to give me testimonials. I’m too busy to start my social media campaign”. We are all busy but having someone push you will make a massive difference to your business growth.

A business coach will see things that you won’t through their experience and the fact that they can stop, pause, assess your business without running around all day. The absolute key to your business success is to work on your business and not in it. This term is used allot these days. I don’t mean sitting at home doing nothing. Going to work is great and we all get a lot of satisfaction from it. What I mean is when you are at work, you can sit down, look at where your business can improve and implement those strategies accordingly.

Running around, answering the phones, cleaning, making deliveries is all part and parcel but if you cannot have a profitable and growing business, you will face many hurdles later on.